Punch By Shar is a licensed start up company based in South-East London, producing bespoke hand-made rum/alcohol based punches in a variety of delicious flavours from Mango - Cherry.

Shar originates from the Caribbean (Barbados & Jamaica), she has 10 years experience in making authentic traditional Caribbean Rum Punch and enjoys bringing a taste of the TROPICS to all her customers from all backgrounds.


 In late 2018 Shar made the decision to produce punch for a wider audience after successfully doing so for other events, though derived from her traditional roots Shar has put her own modern and exciting spin on an old family classic.

Since then Shar has invented 7 fruity and strong delicious flavours and is always looking for more innovative recipes to join the family!

Shar is all about bringing #PUREVIBES to any occasion. 

Why not give it a try!


Bottle sizes range: 50ml (Shar-Shots). 250ml (All Flavours excluding Candy-Floss), 500ml (All Flavours), 750ml (All Flavours excluding Candy-Floss), 1000ml (All Flavours) 

We also take large orders please contact: punchshar@gmail.com